Europrojectes Immobiliaris S.L. Partners founded Euroconstruc S.A. 1995 in Barcelona taking advantage of the accumulated experience in the construction sector and strong growth in the housing sector had shown those years.

With a booming confidence of the different economic and social actors in the country, Europrojectes Immobiliaris S.L. has done so far more than 300 real estate projects, some of them in conjunction with other entities of recognized standing and solvency of the real estate sector.

They have always been the two main arguments and value propositions:

BIM (Building Information Modelling)

The BIM model, I a new construction concept, which simulates the nature of the construction, the coordinated collaborative design, automated detection of interference between architectural systems, almost unlimited information analysis, increased productivity, improved design accuracy thanks to the error detection and correction during the design phase, and improving disclosure of product specifications.

Knowledge and expertise

Hundreds of operations during last 40 years support the great work of Europojectes Immobiliaris S.L

Eco-Efficiency and Sustainability

Europrojectes Immobiliaris S.L. It is a pioneer in many innovations in social housing sector, that the market has been demanding, and incorporating the final product as eco-efficiency and sustainability parameters that both society and the administration claimed.