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Gestió i Garantia S.L. is the trading and asset management company of Grup Euroconstuc which was founded in 1993. More than 20 years ago Gestió i Garantia S.L. adapts itself to market conditions to offer something that goes beyond a simple product: best service.

Very conscious about what is behind the house, many illusions, efforts Gestió i Garantia S.L. works to make the dreams of all customers come true.

The company and the whole team come a long way in the commercialization of new housing throughout Catalonia, as free housing official protection.

5 musts that apply to each class:

Estamos presentes en todas las fases del proyecto.


Identification of objectives:
corporate, global and product.


Approach of action:
from land purchase to delivery of the keys.


Marketing Strategy:
selection of channels and graphics solutions.


Communication strategy:
selection of channels and graphics solutions.


Monitoring and control
of all activities with the owners.