Cornellà (BCN)


Cornellà | Set of buildings managed by Grup Euroconstruc, in which we have to emphasize a rehabilitation of an old house and two new buildings, in total near 80 apartments We can clearly see how Grup Euroconstruc has been able to combine tradition and modernity by turning a 15th century farmhouse into a residential building [...]

Verge de Montserrat (BCN)


Unique building in this promotion, attractive and functional design. We take care of rehabilitation and maintenance of the property Verge de Montserrat.

C/ Diputació. Barcelona City


The construction carried out by Grup Euroconstruc is located on Calle Diputació, in the center of the city. Grup Euroconstruc has carried out, to date, more than 300 real estate transactions, some of them jointly with other entities of recognized prestige and solvency of the real estate sector.

C/ Balmes. Barcelona City

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Grup Euroconstruc built on Balmes Street in Barcelona a whole block of houses taking into account the quality and energy efficiency. At present, Grup Euroconstruc is in the process of implementing the BIM model, an innovative model that simulates the nature of construction, coordinated collaborative design, automated detection of interference between architectural systems, almost unlimited [...]

Avda Picaso. Barcelona City

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Euroconstruc Group carried out the integral management. We carry out all the development: - We analyze feasibility of possible operations. - We manage and develop urbanistically and architecturally the project. - We construct the buildings of Picaso´s avenue - We manage the all process.

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