Grup Euroconstruc, which has a long history of performances, consists mainly of the following companies:

Euroconstruc, S.A. and Gestió i Garantia, S.L.

World Benchmark

The group is a world leader in real state management process and control all development, with different processes:

Human Team

The main asset of Grup Euroconstruc is its team, leade by Xavier Vilajoana that stands for their professional ability, spirit of teamwork and desire for continuous improvement.

“”Our goal is clear: convince our customer by delivering the best quality.”


Company Policy

Grup Euroconstruc assumes commitments, as it is to serve its customers, to be committed to society, the environment and health of their workers.


Satisfy customer requirements and regulations established.
Where possible, within the framework of competition, Grup Eurconstruc strives to exceed these demands.


Promote professional development of staff in several areas as quality, environment and prevention of occupational hazards. Always within the framework of continuous improvement.


Meet customer expectations by capturing their needs, conveying that we are their partners, acting with professionalism, ethics and transparency.


To promote a favourable relationship with the environment. Maintaining a program of prevention, control and minimization of environmental impacts and possible contamination.


Avoid accidents and occupational diseases of all employees. In any event, prepend prevention of occupational hazards, to the production of the company.

To support and properly fulfil commitments Grup Euroconstruc direction board is committed to:

Define and revise management objectives.
Designate responsible for monitoring compliance with those commitments and allocate the necessary resources.
Review the implementation and effectiveness of the management system.
Ensure proper communication and dissemination of enterprise policy to all people in the group and their collaborators.